Canadian Combat Martial Arts Association
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8th Dan Black Belt

 Grandmaster Bram Temple.Is the founder and head instructor for The Canadian Combat Martial Arts Association .He's been training in martial arts since 1970. Starting in Goju-Ryu Karate and recieved his1st Dan in 1979.He is 8th Dan in Karate and Hapkido.7th Dan in Jujitsu.

Canadian Martial Arts

I provide training for persons interested in learning my style of Canadian Combat Karate,Jujjitsu,Hapkido or just a Self-defense course.I do not teach anyone under 16 years of age because my style is a very combative dealing with a lot of dangerous techniques. 


Providing excellence in Martial Arts

Broken Dragon Hapkido

Broken Dragon Hapkido was founded by Master.Hutchings  to teach Martial Arts to the disabled and abled bodied. Techniques are adpated to suit each persons handicap.

How to join

If you want more info on how to join CCMAA or BDH please drop me a email.More information and technique will be listed in days to come.


Martial Arts for the abled and disabled